Sandoz announces Act4Biosimilars Action Plan to improve access to biosimilars

Jun 15, 2023

Sandoz announced its new Act4Biosmilars Action Plan as part of its Act4Biosimilars initiative that aims to increase the adoption of biosimilars in over 30 countries by 30% by 2030.  The Plan features 12 initiatives to help accelerate biosimilar uptake, examining accessibility, affordability, approvability and acceptability.

The Plan will be supported by reports analysing challenges for biosimilar uptake across jurisdictions.  Sandoz confirmed that it will first report on issues in the Americas, including the complex interchangeability guidelines in the US, the risk to patients in Colombia and Ecuador where biosimilars may not meet appropriate WHO guidelines, lack of consistency in educational materials across Canada, the US and Brazil, and supply chain risks in Mexico and Brazil.

The Act4Biosimilars Impact Index will measure and assess progress for 30 initiative-tracked countries in relation to the favourability of the local environment towards biosimilars.

Sandoz initially launched its Act4Biosimilars campaign in May 2022.

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