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Authorities raid Como Compounding Pharmacy in Melbourne and Seize Semaglutide

Mar 1, 2024

The Australian Financial Review reported that on 1 March 2024 TGA investigators raided Como Compounding Pharmacy in Melbourne and seized ‘off-brand’ Ozempic® (semaglutide) and other allegedly unlawfully made medications.  As reportedly revealed in a confidential TGA letter obtained by Australia’s national broadcaster, ABC, the TGA plans to ban the sale of pharmacy-made versions of Ozempic® due to serious safety concerns.  

The raid resulted in the seizure of compounded semaglutide, peptides, and human growth hormones.  

Ozempic® is manufactured by the Danish drug giant Novo Nordisk.  While it is primarily a diabetes medication, Ozempic® has gained popularity as a weight loss drug.  

The Financial Review reports that originator Novo Nordisk supports the ban, citing safety concerns and the need to halt pharmacy-made versions of its global blockbuster semaglutide product Ozempic®.   

This news follows the release on 31 January 2024 by Novo Nordisk of its 2023 Annual Report, where it presented a global increase in sales by 31% to DKK 232.3B in 2023, representing an increase in its operating profit by 37%.