Sam Chun Dang and Apotex Enter Into Aflibercept Agreement

Aug 24, 2023

Korea Biomedical Review reported that Sam Chun Dang Pharm has licensed its aflibercept biosimilar to Apotex for Canada.  Under the agreement, Sam Chun Dang Pharmaceutical will receive an upfront payment of approximately 4 billion South Korean won.  Additionally, Sam Chun Dang Pharmaceutical expects to receive up to 50% of the gross profit if the PFS product is the first to be listed on drug coverage plans, or if it is listed within three months of the first biosimilar aflibercept PFS product.  If the product is listed within 4-6 months of other biosimilar aflibercept PFS products, Sam Chun Dang will receive 35% of the gross profit.

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