Genentech, Roche and Chugai sue Biogen and Bio-Thera over Actrema® (tocilizumab) biosimilar

Jul 13, 2023

Genentech, Inc., Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. and Chugai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd sued Biogen MA Inc, and Bio-Thera Solutions, Ltd in the District Court of Massachusetts in relation to Biogen’s BIIB800, (biosimilar tocilizumab).  Genentech alleges that Biogen’s product, manufactured in China by Bio-Thera, will infringe 20 US patents, including US patent No 7521052 (method of treating rheumatoid arthritis) and US patent No 8398980 (IL-6R antibody subtype).  On 9 December 2022 Biogen announced that the FDA had accepted its aBLA for BIIB800. 

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