Biogen’s Tysabri® motion for preliminary injunction against Sandoz (natalizumab biosimilar) rejected by US District Court

Jun 29, 2023

The US District Court of Delaware has denied Biogen’s motion for preliminary injunction in its proceedings against Sandoz which were commenced in September 2022 regarding Sandoz’s natalizumab biosimilar.  Biogen and Sandoz filed a joint stipulation and proposed schedule, seeking a preliminary injunction after 07 April 2023.   Biogen filed a sealed complaint against Sandoz and Polpharma in September 2022, alleging infringement of 28 Biogen patents. Oral argument was heard on 17 May 2023.  The Court held that Biogen failed to demonstrate that it would suffer irreparable harm in the absence of an injunction and that it would likely succeed on the merits.  Interestingly, the Court confirmed in a footnote of the orders that it will ‘try its best to schedule a trial before April 2025’.

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