Study shows bioequivalence of mAbxience’s MB02 (bevacizumab) biosimilar to Genetech’s Avastin®

Mar 13, 2023

A mAbxience study published in Pharmacology and Research Perspective has found in a randomised, double-blind phase I clinical trial that its MB02 (bevacizumab) is bioequivalent to Genentech’s Avastin®.  MB02 has previously been shown to be bioequivalent to the originator product, however this study was conducted after mAbxience optimised the MB02 manufacturing process using completely chemically defined growth and feed media.  The new process leads to increased purity and reduced levels of heavy–heavy–light fragment.  The authors of the study concluded that newly manufactured MB02 is comparable to the original, and that it is biosimilar to the reference product Avastin®.  

In March 2022 Fresenius Kabi obtained a majority (55%) stake in mAbxience. 

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