Samsung commences third revocation suit against newly granted Fresenius 50mg/ml adalimumab formulation patent

Jul 29, 2022

A third revocation proceeding was commenced by Samsung Bioepis against a Fresenius Kabi adalimumab 50 mg/mL formulation patent AU2020204269 (‘269).  The ‘269 patent covers a specific formulation of adalimumab with a specific buffer, sugar, surfactant and pH.  These proceedings were commenced a day after the patent was granted (28 July 2022), following Samsung withdrawing its pre-grant opposition on 27 July (which it filed in December 2020).

Samsung commenced a revocation proceeding in June 2022 against a second, related 50 mg/mL adalimumab formulation patent.  In 2019, Samsung also sought revocation of a first Fresenius adalimumab formulation patent, which resulted in Fresenius surrendering the patent in November 2019, the proceedings being dismissed by consent, and a costs order against Fresenius being made against Fresenius.

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