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Leading Light Series: International Women’s Day 2024 | Spotlight on Pearce IP’s Jacinta Flattery-O’Brien PhD – Special Counsel

by | Mar 14, 2024

As a Women Owned and led boutique IP firm, where pay parity is a given, Pearce IP celebrates International Women’s Day and the diversity, equity and inclusion of which we are proud.  With more than 70% female leaders, menstrual and menopause leave, fertility leave, miscarriage and loss leave, more than 20% part-timers, and a “work from anywhere” business model, there is much to celebrate with diversity at Pearce IP.

We take a moment now to shine the spotlight on some of our incredible female leaders in our Leading Lights series. These trailblazing women are not just leading the way in their fields, they are redefining what it means to be a leader in today’s world.

Happy International Women’s Day 2024!

Jacinta Flattery-O’Brien PhD – Special Counsel, Patent Attorney

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

A day to celebrate how far women have travelled on the road to equality and to think about areas where further improvements can be made.

As a successful woman in your chosen field, what or who drove you to be successful?

“Success” has many definitions.  In the business context, I believe success is largely a product of interest, motivation and tenacity. I was interested in science, was motivated to become a patent attorney to be involved in cutting edge advances in a broad range of bio/pharma technologies and had the tenacity to work long hours when needed to exceed clients’ expectations.

What’s the best piece of advice you can give to young women who are looking to you for leadership?

Make sure you are doing something that interests you.  That will ensure work is a joy and a motivation in your life – not a chore.  Your colleagues will sense your enthusiasm and that alone provides a strong foundation for leadership.

How do you ensure that you are a role model for women in the workplace?

“First, assume value.”  This means that when a colleague tells you something, whether it be about a work product, a client or another colleague, assume in the first instance that there is value in what they are saying.  Then ask questions before making your own assessment.  When practiced by all team members this creates a collaborative work environment where women (whose ideas in other workplaces may have been unheard or dismissed) can thrive.

Why is diversity, equity and inclusion important to you?

Workplaces that feature diversity, equity and inclusion have been proven to be more successful than those that do not.  This benefits employers, employees and clients.  There are no downsides!

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