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European Geographical Indications in New Zealand

by , | Jan 29, 2024

On 24 January 2024 New Zealand introduced a new IP Bill for Geographical Indications (GIs).

The bill will amend NZ law to implement aspects of the Free Trade Agreement with the European Union signed in Brussels on 9 July 2023 by providing for the registration of European Union geographical indications agreed to be protected in New Zealand.

Key changes will include:

– NZ will register almost 2,000 European Union geographical indications (GIs) including wines, spirits, cheeses, and other food from various EU member states;
– New enforcement measures will apply for registered GIs;
– EU GIs registered in NZ must be considered during examination of trade mark applications in New Zealand;
– New EU GIs can be added in the future; and
– Geographical Indications (Wine and Spirits) Registration Act 2006 becomes Geographical Indications Registration Act 2006.

As an example,  “Champagne”, currently registered as a foreign registered geographical indication, is listed in the trade agreement and will be registered as an EU FTA geographical indication, along with others such as Prosecco, Polish Vodka, Rioja, Comté or Queso Manchego cheeses, Lübecker Marzipan, and Elia Kalamatas olives.

The Bill will shortly proceed to first Reading in the House and follow the usual parliamentary process.

More IP Bills implementing other aspects of the EU-NZ Free Trade Agreement for copyright, trade marks, industrial designs, plant varieties and protection of undisclosed information will follow.

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