Pearce IP BioBlast™: w/e 21 February 2020

by | Feb 24, 2020

Significant biosimilar activities this week include

12 Feb 20 | Wockhardt announced divestment of assets to Dr Reddy’s, under which 62 products and a manufacturing facility will be sold for $259 million. Wockhardt stated that the funds will enable it to invest in biosimilars for the US market.

18 Feb 20 | BioPharma Reporter reported that AbbVie had outlined its defence strategy for Humira (adalimumab) competition in the US market. According to the BioPharma Reporter, AbbVIe CEO Gonzalez that explained AbbVie’s commercial US strategy will mimic the strategy employed in Europe and other markets, and stated that ex-US competition for adalimumab had been much more aggressive than AbbVie had predicted.

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