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Biosimilars Deals 2018/2019

02 Dec 2019 | Alvotech, Kamada | Alvotech and Kamada announce agreement to commercialise six biosimilar products in Israel. The first product is expected to be launched in Israel in 2022.

06 Nov 2019 | All | Biogen, Samsung Bioepis | Biogen and Samsung Bioepis announce partnership for the commercialisation of biosimilar ranibizumab and aflibercept for major markets world side including the US, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. Biogen has also acquired exclusive commercialisation rights for its anti-TNF portfolio, including BENEPALI® (etanercept), FLIXABI® (infliximab) and IMRALDI® (adalimumab), in China. Under the agreement, Biogen will make one $100M upfront payment, with up to $210M payable at additional development, regulatory and sales-based milestones.

06 Nov 2019 | Alvotech, STADA | Alvotech and STADA announce agreement for the commercialisation of seven biosimilars in all key European markets and selected markets outside Europe. Under the agreement, Alvotech will be responsible for the development, registration and supply of the biosimilars, with STADA responsible for commercialisation.

14 Oct 2019 | Biocon, Evotec | Biocon and Evotec announce strategic licensing agreement for an early-stage biosimilar. Under this agreement, Biocon will take the asset through end-to-end development, IND filing, manufacturing and commercialisation and post-regulatory approval.

24 Sep 2019 | Biocon, Pfizer | Biocon announces purchase of 60,000 square foot R&D site from Pfizer. The site in Chennai, India will house 250 scientists and is expected to be operational in a few months.

27 Aug 2019 | Alvotech & Prestige Biopharma | Alvotech and Prestige announce manufacturing partnership, under which Alvotech will be responsible for commercial manufacturing of Prestige's biosimilars.

30 July 2019 | Global | Mylan and Pfizer (Upjohn)| Mylan and Pfizer announce deal under which Mylan and UpJohn (a division of Pfizer) will merge to form NewCo (name to be announced). Under the deal, Pfizer shareholders will own 57% of the combined company, and Mylan shareholders 43%. Mylan CEO Heather Bresch will retire as part of the deal, and the new CEO will be Michael Goettler, current Upjohn group President. Mylan notes its biosimilars as bringing key growth to NewCo, including trastuzumab (Ogivri), bevacizumab (the India-approved and launched Abevmy), pegfilgrastim (Fulphila), and insulin glargine (Semglee, approved and launched in EU and elsewhere), and the pipeline biosimilars abatacept and aflibercept. Read more.

25 Jun 2019 | AbbVie & Allergan | AbbVie announces agreement for the acquisition of Allergan for $63 billion in a cash and stock exchange.

03 Jun 2019 | Alvotech & Abdi Ibrahim | Alvotech and Abdi Ibrahim announce partnership for biosimilar development and commercialisation in Turkey. Alvotech will be responsible for development and joint supply alongside Abdi Ibrahim, while Abdi Ibrahim will be responsible for registration and commercialisation of the products.

31 May 2019 | Xbrane & STADA | Xbrane and STADA announce expansion of biosimilar development partnership. This expansion will now include the development of Xbrane's biosimilar candidates certolizumab pegol and nivolumab, as well as other biosimilars.

17 Mar 2019 | Sagent Pharmaceuticals | Sagent Pharmaceuticals announces acquisition of manufacturing site in North Carolina providing Sagent with the potential to produce both small molecule and biologic products. This is the first FDA approved facility in the Nichi-Iko Group.

26 Feb 2019 | Selexis SA & Turgut Pharmaceuticals | Selexis SA announces it has executed two commercial licence agreements with Turgut Pharmaceuticals for the development of biosimilar antibodies. This expansion of the partnership between the two companies aims to develop a biosimilar for the treatment of metastatic HER2-positive cancer and a checkpoint inhibitor for certain cancers.

11 Feb 2019 | Samsung Bioepis & C-Bridge | Samsung Bioepis partners with C-Bridge to commercialise biosimilars in China. Under the deal, C-Bridge will develop a new company, AffaMed Therapeutics to launch candidates such as ranibizumab, eculizumab and trastuzumab biosimilars.

23 Jan 2019 | Alvotech | Alvotech announces development in biosimilar pipeline with $300 million raised through a private bond offering.

07 Jan 2019 | Samsung Bioepis & 3SBio |Samsung Bioepis announces partnership with 3SBio to commercialise biosimilars in China. Under the agreement, Samsung Bioepis will be be responsible for manufacturing and supplying the products, while 3SBio will be responsible for regulatory registration and commercialisation.

28 Dec 2018 | Sandoz, Gan & Lee Pharmaceutical | Sandoz announces agreement with Gan & Lee to commercialise biosimilar insulins.

22 Dec 2018 | Fuji Pharma & Alvotech | Fuji Pharma announces acquisition of 4.2% stake in Alvotech for roughly $50 million.

19 Nov 2018 | Alvotech & Fuji Pharma | Fuji Pharma and Alvotech announce exclusive partnership agreement for the commercialisation of Alvotech's biosimilars in Japan. Fuji Pharma will be responsible for the registration and commercialisation of products, while Alvotech will be responsible for development and supply.

07 Nov 2018 | Biogen & Samsung Bioepis | Biogen and Samsung Bioepis close asset transfer to increase Biogen's share in Samsung Bioepis to 49.9%. This deal originates from the initial creation of Samsung Bioepis and the partnership between Biogen and Samsung BioLogics, in which Biogen was granted an option to increase its share in the company, expiring in mid 2018.

10 Oct 2018 | Mundipharma & Cinfa Biotech | Munidpharma acquires Cinfa Biotech, gaining immediate access to pegfilgrastim biosimilar and a platform to potentially develop more biosimilars in the future.

03 Oct 2018 | US, Canada, Mexico | US-Mexico-Canada Agreement includes 10 year exclusivity period for biologic drugs, raising concerns that competition will be hindered to the disadvantage of consumers and health services in those regions. Currently the exclusivity period stands at 8 years in Canada and 5 years in Mexico.

15 May 2018 | Catalent and Valerius | Catalent announced a collaboration for the development and manufacture of Valerius’ biosimilar products. Catalent will provide cell line development and support cGMP manufacturing activities from Phase 1 through to commercial stages from the USA.

29 Mar 2018 | Alteogen & Inno Bio Ventures |Although details have not been announced by the companies, it appears that Korea's Alteogen, and Malaysia's Inno Bio Ventures are setting up a biosimilars JV in Malaysia, with an ASEAN focus. Read more

10 Feb 2018 | BioSciences Corp & Mab-Venture | Californian HQ'd BioSciences Corp & Shanghai based Mab-Venture announce a deal under which Mab-Venture will develop and manufacture biosimilars and BioSciencesCorp will commercialise (through partners) those products in India, SAARC, MENA, Turkey, LatAm and Russia. The deal covers "multiple" products which have not been named. Read more

18 Jan 2018 | Sandoz & Biocon | Sandoz and Biocon announce a collaboration to develop and commercialise multiple biosimilar medicines. The companies will share responsibility for development, manufacturing and regulatory approvals. Sandoz is responsible for leading commercialisation in the US & EU, while Biocon will lead commercialisation efforts in the rest of the world.

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