We help change the world,
one patent at a time.

Our industry knowledge and experience is deep and wide

We use our 80+ years combined commercial, legal and industry expertise to create IP strategies with impact. We bring our significant global experience to the table from our first meeting, and support our clients from early R&D to commercial launch, and beyond.


We have science backgrounds, big law and in-house experience

All of our lawyers have science backgrounds, and all were trained at renowned firms.  All have big law experience and have worked in-house.  Our core team is supported by additional pool of expert contract lawyers and regulatory consultants who are additional resources immediately available as and when required.


Patent Lawyers are also Patent Attorneys

Our lawyers and patent attorneys work together, so that:

  • when providing advice, we offer prosecution hindsight and litigation foresight;

  • when litigating patents we also offer prosecution insights;

  • when commercialising patents, we leave no litigation or prosecution “land mines”; and

  • when assisting with FTO clearances, we address future prosecution and litigation risks.


Global pharma/biopharma IP experience

All of our lawyers/attorneys have had significant overseas experience, and some are qualified outside Australia, including in New Zealand, US and Europe.  We have prosecuted patent applications around the world, have coordinated and executed global litigation strategies involving: AU revocation proceedings; NZ revocation proceedings; US pIV litigation, IPR, and 351(k) proceedings; PMNOC proceedings in Canada; patent revocation suits in the UK, continental Europe, Asia, and elsewhere; patent oppositions in various regions.  We have coordinated and managed multiple global BD/patent licensing deals.


Generics, Biosimilars & Originator Medicines

We have developed and implemented global IP strategies for many small molecule generics, biosimilar medicines (including proteins and monoclonal antibody products) and originator medicines. We understand how generics and originators think, and are excellent at preempting the next strategic move.


We were working on biosimilars before the first regulatory pathway was introduced. For the years following we have been heavily involved in influencing IP thinking as the biosimilars industries formed and gathered momentum.


We love what we do

We love the interface between science and law, and helping our clients succeed.

Top tier quality, without the overheads

We have virtual offices, so our overheads are lower than our competitors. We pass those costs savings on to our clients. Clients get top tier quality legal work product and services, provided by highly qualified lawyers with extensive global industry expertise and commercial savvy, without the price tag.


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